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Domonyi Károly

The Mourning Peace

Summary of events

  The First World War has caused much hardship to the victimised Hungary and people lost trust in the political power of the time. Immediately after Prime Minister István Tisza's announcement of our having lost the war a number of politicans have moved to the opposition, into the camp of Mihály Károlyi who was against the war.

  This camp has taken over the power on October 30-31 1918 when after the victory of a civil demokratic revolution called "Mumms" the independent Hungarian Republik was pronounced and Károlyi's party has started directing. However noble their aims were they could not realise them at the given time and soon the socialdemocrates have taken the lead. With the arrivall of the decision of the Paris peace conference (Vix notes) demanding the withdrawal of Hungarian soldiers from large territories of our own, the governement abdicated. The new cabinet of exclusively socialdemocrates has not wasted time in coming to agreement with the formerly imprisoned communist to realise a proletarian dictatorship and so the Soviet Republic of Hungary was formed. The leadership of Béla Kun has as its first step refused the Vix-notes. This has meant an immediate new war against Romania and Tcheslovakia demanding significant territories.
  As a result of battles of alternating successes (being threatened by Antant) and foreign policy arguments - the roman army ignoring a previous agreement has occupied Budapest, vandalising the country.
  After the roman invasion of more than six months a National Army was formed in the background under the leadership of Miklós Horty.

  The Antant powers have from then on decided to play games with our country of 21 millions. Thus on June 4. 1920 the signed peace treaty of Trianon came to being (named after a palace near Paris). This pact has cut off two - thirds of Hungary without taking into consideration any ethnical distribution, in essence wanting to eradicate Hungarian economical resources and assuring bigger powers for Westen Europe.

This historical sketch is only aiming at assisting easier understanding of the events and their connections. If you are interested in the total picture we suggest to read the rest of this website.